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Allow clients to experience a boat not see a boat

All businesses are in a mad dash to create a "virtual experience" of their products. Unfortunately none of these experience replicate the in-person one.

At Quality Virtual Tour, the mission is to make reality virtual and not the other way around. We are enabling yacht/boat dealers/manufacturers to recreate the in-person showroom visit online.


When you see a bench that has storage underneath in real life does a photo of that storage pop up? NO. You open the bench and see it. A Quality Virtual Tour allows you to have that same interaction when touring a boat or yacht online. If you want to enter a room, the door will open and then you can enter. If you want to see the configuration of a piece of furniture, it will rearrange just as it would in-person. If you want to see hidden storage areas, lift up the coverings and see them.

It is this principle of making reality virtual that has made Quality Virtual Tour stand out from the automated or lazy virtual tour companies that just put in some photos.

View the tours below to see how Quality Virtual Tour can capture one, 5, or an entire exhibition of boats.

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