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When a realtor or developer want to sell a property they work for the property when the property should be working for them.

Not every home is a viral sensation and not every potential buyer has the time or ability to review multiple listings a week, fit an open house into their schedule, and then try to make a decision based off of their memory of being at the home (if they had gone), a Facetime call (after so much investment in multimedia), or still photos and videos shot with a wide lens (which can be inconsistent listing to listing if working with different professionals).

The first time a client visits a home in-person should feel like the second. Clients need to arrive with ideas in their minds and memories in place.

When they see it in-person all of those memories and ideas are triggered flooding you with that immediate "yes this is the one" or the "no it is not". In sales yes equals money but no can equal time. A well researched and confident no can give you more time to find your yes than 2,3,10 follow ups to try and convince a no.

Quality Virtual Tour aims to create an in-person experience that can be had from anywhere. By presenting clients with a simple and familiar presentation they can tour a home on their own, or with a representative in built-in live video calls, and start creating those ideas of what it would be to live there. The televisions can play shows, appliances open user manuals and make familiar noises, home information accessed via a simple menu gives them all the details they need about the property and direct contact options in one click. Any decks or listing documents can be made available to download for quick reference and most importantly the client gets that feeling of being there.

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