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Preserving Historical Sites & Businesses with Quality Virtual Tour

Who knows what next year will bring or the condition that some of the greatest historical sites will be in. I am fortunate to have visited Notre Dame many times before it was unrestored by being set on fire. I have also been fortunate to go to some of the landmark music venues on the Sunset Strip that are now apartments or night clubs.

Luckily historical sites and businesses can be preserved permanently. Quality Virtual Tour can capture the entirety of the space and create a virtual tour of it for the public to interact with so long as there is internet. I take high quality 360 photographs at a pace that replicates walking. This allows visitors to move through the space like they would in person. Photographs can be taken of any informational plaques or signage to open in the tour and allow people to understand the space better. When they move outside of the site/business they will have full access to the exterior of the building including airspace with 360 drone photography. Please click here to see drone photography.

Where the sites/businesses come to life is the interaction. Visitors can do almost anything in these virtual tours. Opening and closing doors, interacting with moving objects, watching videos that play inside the tour, taking quizzes, or looking through photo albums.

Please view some historical businesses and sites below:

The Comedy Store

Griffith Park Observatory

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