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Content is in a spiral. The shorter, jumpier, more spastic the content the higher the engagement. While some of this content is exciting I would like to put an end to it. The world needs to start creating experiences where viewers can create deeper connections to the subject and instead of spending an hour zipping through dozens of social posts spending that time experiencing something. Slowing down and interacting with it. Understanding it. Connecting with the subject and exploring the way that you do when you were a kid discovering something new.

Click on any of those images and you will be able to experience a vehicle, an event, a meetup, or an entire collection of vehicles. Just like people share content you can send someone the link and allow them to experience it as well. If you are on FaceTime with someone you can share your screen and experience it together.

The worlds largest companies are all moving to something virtual and I believe this is the best bridge between where we are and where we are going.

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